Wisconsin Buying Bees in 2020 – Local Nucs and Queens

Wisconsin Local Nucs and Queens


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Southeast WI

Lloyd St Bees – Trevor Bawden
Milwaukee, WI
Origin: Milwaukee County, WI
Queens Marked
Nuc (deep 5 frame), BYOB or $10 deposit
VSH Olympic Wilderness/Harbo/Survivor $200.00 Mid May-July No
VSH Olympic Wilderness/Harbo/Survivor $35.00 June-September Yes
Virgin queens $20.00 June-September Yes
Queen Cells $15.00 June-September No
Rick Sallmann
Delevan, WI
Origin: Walworth County, WI
Queens Marked
Carni/Survivor $40.00 June-September No

Northwest WI

Quiney Honey and Bee – Adrian Quiney
Hudson, WI
Origin: St. Croix County, WI
Queens Marked
Nuc (deep 5 frame), BYOB
VSH and Survivor stock May-June No
VSH and Survivor stock June-September No
Queen Cells June-September No

Northern WI

Crazy Joe’s Natural Products – Don Crass
Phelps, WI
715-892-4933 / 4934 / 4935
Origin: Vilas County, WI
Survivor Stock Late June-Early September No
Virgin queens Late June-Early September No
Queen Cells Late June-Early September No

North Central

KELLY’S BEES – Kelly Barnes
Wausau. WI
Origin: Marathon County, WI
Nuc (deep 5 frame), BYOB
VSH Carni June-July
VSH Carni June-July No


Sweet Spot Apiary – Scott Veriha
Crivitz, WI
715-938-4520 / 4521 / 4522
Origin: Marinette County, WI
Carni June-August No
Virgin queens June-August No
Queen Cells June-August No
Sweet Mountain Farm – Sue Dompke
Washington Island, WI
Origin: Door County, WI
Nuc (medium 5 frame), $10 deposit
Uncertified Local Russian $210.00 End of June No
Uncertified Local Russian $36.00 Fall Yes

Central WI

Lone Oak Apiary – Jon Polycn
Montello, WI
VSH Survivor/Purdue Ankle Biter June-August No
Queen Cells Late May-August No
Flying Squirrel Apiary – Fred Ransome
Princeton, WI
920-229-2203 / 2204
Origin: Green Lake County, WI
Nuc (deep 5 frame), BYOB or $10 deposit
Purdue Ankle Biter/Mite Mauler May-August No
Purdue Ankle Biter/Mite Mauler $30.00 Late May-August Yes
Virgin queens Yes