The Dane County Beekeepers Association (DCBA) exist to promote and improve the beekeeping practices for commercial and hobby beekeepers; improve the marketing of apiary products; and promote the concerns among beekeepers in the Dane County, Wisconsin area.

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December 1, 2015
  • Dec 2015 Club Meeting - Candle dipping
    December 1, 2015 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

    Location: Fitchburg Public Library, 5530 Lacy Rd, Fitchburg, WI 53711, United States

    Before the dipping starts, I will discuss cleaning up wax, whether scraps from the apiary or from cappings. We will also cover container and molded candles, and how to make just one candle from your first tiny wax harvest. Everyone will leave with a rolled candle, and a pair of dipped candles. I hope you can make time in your busy schedule for this interesting and informative evening. (People who already know all this are invited to visit with each other and with newer members.) Thanks! Jeanne Hansen 824 Jacobson Ave Madison, WI 53714 608-244-5094


We are an informal group of beekeepers in the Wisconsin Dane County area. Anyone keeping bees or interested in keeping bees is welcome to participate. Join the a Madbees google group to join in the email discussion and/or join us our monthly meetings.


Many club members are able and willing to give you practical help.  Post your request on Madbees, and someone will answer. Alternately, a club member, Jeanne Hansen is available to call at 608-244-5094